About RD Scissors

    Founder Dusty Rhode set out to improve and forever change the trajectory of his family.  Combining his love and talent for haircutting education with high quality tools of the trade he could stand by was the obvious evolutionary step for him.   Most of the Dusty’s family is in one way or another  involved in beauty industry, as most of us have found it to be the life raft to success, inspiration, and simply fitting in.  Yes we sell amazing affordable scissors and tools but our main desire is to help artists in developing new skills, igniting their passion when it begins to fade, and simply being there for an industry of people that were always there for us. 
   The RD SCISSORS slogan sums up our brand;  “Where luxury meets affordability”.  We want you using the best without the financial stress.   Dusty Rhode personally spent over 2 years before launching his luxury scissors searching for the right manufacturers to produce our high quality products that could also keep our prices low.  Our Proprietary Japanese Alloy metal is second to none.  Our unique Japanese steel blend makes our scissors extremely sharp, incredibly durable, and amazing smooth.   Each scissor is designed with the hair artists hand in mind, making the ergonomics in all of our handles completely comfortable.